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Sony Slashes PSP go Price

Portable getting major price cut this week.

PSP go is now priced equivalent to the PSP-3000.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today a major price reduction for the PSP go. Starting October 26, the portable device will be reduced to ¥16,800, down from the current ¥26,800. The new price is identical to the current PSP-3000 price.

PSP go was first released on November 1, 2009. While the standard PSP has been among the top selling game systems over the past couple of years, PSP go has not been so successful, regularly selling triple digits on the weekly sales charts.

The biggest difference between the standard PSP and the PSP go is the latter's lack of a UMD drive, which limits content to digital downloads. According to Sony, as of the end of September, PSP go owners have access to over 590 game titles, 1,250 pieces of video content, and 2,200 comic episodes. However, many of the system's biggest games are still UMD-only. Third party publishers have not yet announced download releases for major upcoming games like The 3rd Birthday and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

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