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Maid Meets Cat Bringing PSP Love Sim to PS3

Love at Once seeing new heroine and more in trip to HD.

Michiru Tsusumi, a newly added heroine for the PS3 version.

Maid meets Cat announced today that it is bringing its PSP love adventure game L@ve Once (pronounced "Love at Once") to PlayStation 3. The HD version will be newly titled L@ve Once: Mermaid's Tears and will see release on February 24, 2011.

L@ve Once tells the story of Shouji Takahashi, a high school student who was born between human and mermaid parents but lives life as a human. Shouji's human father dies, and he finds himself with the fate of having to find his true love or else disappear into the sea forever.

New features for the PS3 version include a new targetable heroine, student union head Michiru Tsutsumi. Michiru could be a tough candidate, as because her father's infidelity lead to divorce from her mother, she lacks confidence when it comes to male relationships.

PS3 players can expect a high tech experience thanks to the use of the Motion Portrait animation system. This system gives the girls smooth facial expressions during conversation scenes, all the more full of impact now that it's in HD.

The PS3 version also adds an after story detailing the story following the events of the PSP game. The seasons have changed, meaning players will be able to see the girls in winter clothing.

Other changes include a new opening and ending theme song, and the inclusion of "Satomi, Ui R@dio Once," a "love radio" special featuring two of the voice actors which can be heard once you've fully cleared the game.

Joining the game's ¥8,190 standard version, Maid meets Cat is also arranging a ¥10,290 first print run limited edition. This includes a special box featuring artwork from character designer Mutsumi Sasaki, an original CD "Yakumu no Ryu" (Reason for Nightmares) and a Puchi Nendoroid figure for the Mei Toritome character.

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