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Acquire Hints at Shinobido Revival

"Way of the Ninja" could see a PlayStation 3 revival if you Tweet about it.

2006's Shinobido Homura for PSP.

Acquire has kicked off a Twitter-based revival campaign for the "Shinobido" series. The revival could end up resulting in a PlayStation 3 title.

According to Acquire, talk of a revival first began as CEO Endo Takumi heard via Twitter that people were hoping to play Shinobido on PlayStation 3. His response, also via Twitter, was that people should Tweet about their desire for a revival.

Endo is asking people to attach the "#aquire_do" hash tag to their Tweets. If the conversation heats up, Endo says he will switch the campaign to a more specific "#shinobi_do" hash tag.

The Shinobido series, a collaboration between Acquire and Spike, last saw an entry on the PSP with 2006's Shinobido Homura. Prior to that, it saw two entries on the PlayStation 2. Overseas, the first title was released via Sony under the name Shinobido: Way of the Ninja.

This revival project seems to be a bit more than just the usual meaningless Twitter teasing. Acquire has posted notice of the campaign to the news section of its official site. According to the news posting, if there are enough Tweets on the matter, they will work on producing an actual game design document.

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