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First Look: Multiplayer Love Zombie

More on Chunsoft's DS zombie strategy game.


Chunsoft left out the details on Love Zombie's multiplayer modes when it announced the DS zombie strategy game last week. Today, going along with a screenshot blast, it provided a look at multiplayer and a few other areas of the game.

Before reading further, be sure and read last week's summary.


As detailed last week, Love Zombie kicks off in a peaceful farm that's located in the middle of a forest just outside town. One day, "bad people" attack the farm and release a "mysterious gas," which turns everyone into zombies.

The text from the game's opening reads "The farmers living on the farm all died."

The newly born zombies desire just one thing: to return their farm to its original form. To do this, they'll have to recover "the precious thing" that was taken from them by the humans.


Here are a few screens showing the game's control scheme. As detailed last week, you manipulate your growing army of zombies via direct stylus inputs. You can draw a line to make the zombies move in a certain direction. You can draw a circle around a group of zombies to issue group movement commands. You can also make the zombies gather around a single point and scatter.


Love Zombie will offer four player cooperative and competitive play through two modes.

The cooperative mode (shown left) is called "Party Hunt." Four players team up to defeat a powerful boss and collect rare items along the way. This mode requires that everyone have their own copy of the game.

The competitive mode (shown right) is called Deadsal, a four player zombie-themed version of Futal. You attempt to reach the goal while taking out opponent zombies. This mode supports download play, meaning just one player will need to have a copy of the game.


Chunsoft opened an official site for the game today. The site is in a teaser state at present, but Chunsoft will presumably be giving it more content as Love Zombie's January release time frame approaches.

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