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Watch the Dynasty Warriors 7 Announcement Live

Tecmo Koei formally announcing long awaited sequel later today.


Tecmo Koei managed to slip Dynasty Warriors 7 in at the very end of Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, but said we'd have to wait until an October 26 press conference for the details.

It's now October 26, and the press conference is indeed being held today. Outside of the general press, Tecmo Koei invited a few lucky bloggers to attend the event in person. But the general masses aren't being left out! Tecmo Koei will be running an official Ustream stream, which will kick off at 13:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Tecmo Koei also started up an official Twitter for the game. Live Tweets directly from the event will be posted there.

At TGS, Tecmo Koei announced that Dynasty Warriors 7 would be PlayStation 3 exclusive in Japan (although multiplatform elsewhere). In subsequent interviews, producers have refrained from sharing further details on the game, only saying that it is part of the series' 10th anniversary.

While waiting for the conference to start, check out the Dynasty Warriors 10th anniversary site The site has wallpapers, a quiz, and a history of the series.

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