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More Unsettling Catherine Gameplay Screens

Talking sheep men, zombie babies with swords coming out of their eyes, and more in the latest batch of retailer Catherine media.


Retailers are united in their struggle to get us some actual gameplay screens of Catherine. Following a few precious first gameplay shots from Amazon earlier this week, HMV has stepped up with even more shots showing what could be actual controllable gameplay footage from team Persona's first HD game.

Actually, there's just one new gameplay shot:

It's not entirely clear what's going on here. Vincent -- in his undies and holding what appears to be a pillow -- is speaking to some sheep men, one of whom says "That person is... a witch." Is the sheep man talking about Catherine?

HMV's screenshot blast also came with some even more unsettling monster shots:

There are also some new event scenes in the bunch:

In the one at top, Vincent talking to one of his friends over sushi. I'm not sure what he's saying without the context. Below, a new character, Erica, says something about killing or not killing a man who messes around and cheats on his girl.

And finally, larger versions of past screens:

Catherine now has a final date, and with retailers leaking gameplay shots we can hopefully expect Atlus to begin sharing solid gameplay details.

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