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Crafts & Meister Working on PlayStation Move

Ex Capcom talent Noritaka Funamizu expresses interest in 3DS as well.

Crafts & Meister's new Wii project, Earth Seeker.

Crafts & Meister, a studio formed in 2004 by former Capcom talent Noritaka Funamizu, is featured in this week's Famitsu as part of a set of developer commentaries.

In some brief comments shared with the magazine, Funamizu revealed that he's interested in Sony's PlayStation Move peripheral. And there's a good reason for his interest -- he's making a game for the device! He wouldn't share further details, though, saying that the game has yet to be announced.

The magazine also got Funamizu's opinion on 3DS. "The 3D part of the Nintendo 3DS tends to get the most attention, but as a moderately high spec gaming device it's very attractive," said Funamizu. "It's not too week, not overly powerful -- it has the image of being easy to work with. I'd like to try some of the ideas that I gave up on in the past because they could not be expressed on the DS but also were not appropriate for the PSP."

Crafts & Meister has most recently been in the headlines with regards to its Wii action RPG Earth Earth Seeker. Famitsu still lists this with a Winter release time frame.

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