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Gal Gun Has a Panic Screen

In case anyone overhears the naughty sounds coming from your TV.


In Alchemist's Xbox 360 shooter Gal Gun, you blast away at approaching girls to keep them from getting too close. As the girls are struck by your pheromone shot, they make slightly... erotic... sounds.

So what do you do when a family member or coworker notices the naughty sounds and wants to see what kind of filth you're playing?

No worries! A single button press will turn this:

Into this:

The classic 8-bit visuals are accompanied by matching 8-bit level animation and sound.

Alchemist refers to the panic screen as a "Mama Kita Gamen," or "Mom Has Come Screen." The game devotes a full button to this all important feature.

In addition to the "Mom Has Come" feature, Alchemist announced today a final release date of January 27. The game is priced ¥7,140, but has not yet been rated by CERO.

You might be able to hear some of the erotic voices at the newly refreshed Gal Gun official site. The site is counting down the days until release with a new voice sample every day (click on the heart).

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