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First Look: Venus and Braves PSP

PlayStation 2 strategy classic being revived on the PSP. First look, courtesy of Dengeki Online.


Coinciding with a debut in this week's Dengeki PlayStation, Dengeki Online has delivered a huge look at the PSP port/remake of Venus & Braves. How huge? Try four screenshot-packed pages!

Venus & Braves was originally released by then Namco on the PlayStation 2 in 2003. A pseudo sequel to the RPG "Seven," the game made use of the strategic "Rotation Battle System" which had players position units on a 4 by 3 block grid. Once units were positioned, battles took place automatically, with the player choosing to cycle the rows from front to back at each turn.

According to the Dengeki report, the PSP version will have new elements. What those elements are isn't particular clear, though, as the Dengeki story is mostly a general recap of the game's story, characters and basic gameplay systems.

The site does list one new feature: characters from the Tales series will appear in the game. Screenshots at the site and in the print Dengeki show Tales of Symphonia's Colette, Tales of Vesperia's Yuri and Tales of Destiny's Lion.

Fully titled, just like its PlayStation 2 counterpart, Venus & Braves: Majo to Megami to Horobi no Yogen (notably, the game does not have "Portable" in the title), the PSP version will see release on January 20, priced ¥5,229.

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