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G.Rev Readying Original Shooter for Xbox 360

Once thought to be in development for arcades, Strania has been revived as G.rev's first original consumer game.

Despite a location test appearance last year, it looks like Strania is no longer set for arcade release.

G.rev made formal announcement today of Seisou Kouki Strania, a "robot action shooting game" being prepared for a 2011 Xbox Live Arcade release.

Described by G.rev as its first original console game, Strania has been made with the concept of reminding players of the late 80s to early 90s golden age of arcades.

In this vertical scrolling shooter, you take control of a mech capable of equipping multiple weapons, including a sword. You can stock three weapons simultaneously, with one weapon in each of your two hands. The weapons are capable of destroying specific enemies and item carries, so rotating the three weapons into the two available slots via the weapon change button is a major part of the gameplay.

The game makes use of the "O/D System" (short for "Overdose"). As you destroy enemies, you build up an O/D gauge. Once this is maxed out, you can enter a temporary phase of invincibility and score multipliers.

G.rev is giving Strania online support. In addition to high score rankings, the game will feature online co-op play via Xbox Live Arcade.

Strania was actually announced some time back and was even given a location test in arcades (you can see a video of the location test here. As it refers to the game as its first original consumer game, it looks like G.rev has decided against an arcade release.

You can get a first look at Strania in motion via this debut trailer:

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