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Konami Kicks Off Music Game Festival

Naoki to appear as Konami Style manager for a day.

Konami gives its Kinect dance game DanceEvolution a big push.

Konami will be celebrating its upcoming rhythm game lineup with a month long festival. The Konami Music Game Festival will be held at the Konami Style Tokyo Midtown shop in Akasaka from 10/30 to 11/23. Attendees will be able to sample upcoming rhythm and dance games and, if they go on the right day, make their purchases from a special guest manager.

Games will be available for play according to the following schedule:

10/30: View rehearsals for the upcoming DanceEvolution pre-release demo event (being held from 11/12 -- see below). You may be able to see Konami PR group Konami eYe's playing the game.

11/3 to 11/7: Bemani Week, with advanced play of pop'n Music 19 Tune Street (arcade). Pre-orders for DanceEvolution will start.

11/7: Konami's press release reads: "Will that product see surprise showing?!"

11/12 to 11/23: DanceEvolution pre-release demo event.

Naoki will take the helm at Konami Style for one day on November 20.

The big event takes place on 11/20, the day of DanceEvolution's release. Konami sound producer Naoki Maeda will take on managerial duties at the Konami Style shop for the day.

Konami Style Tokyo Midtown is a brick and mortar version of Konami's e-commerce site Konami Style. The shop is located in the Tokyo Midtown facility, which is also home to Konami's main office.

For access information, visit the Konami Style Tokyo Midtown homepage.

Sample the latest in Bemani in advance. Shown here, pop'n Music 19.

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