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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Comes With Bonus Download Content

Pre-order for a download code and booklet. Download version buyers also get the digital goodies.


Sega is including both retail and digital buyers in its pre-order bonus plans for Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Announced today, VC3 will include an item called "Gallia Secret Document File 422." This item consists of a booklet and a download code.

The booklet, titled "Gallian Journal 1935," is set up like a scrap book of articles from Gallian Journal, a weekly magazine in the nation of Gallia. Look closely, and you'll find a secret password for unlocking guest character Aliasse (making an appearance from Valkyria 2).

You can see Aliasse in the screenshots below:

Aliasse makes an appearance from Valkyria 2.

The download code is for an episode called "Chapter 0: Kurt's First Campaign." This episode tells the story of main character Kurt Irving's first campaign, a passage that's not told in the main part of the game. Clear the episode, and you'll get a limited weapon which can be used in the main game.

For those planning on buying the download version of Valkyria 3, the "Chapter 0: Kurt's First Campaign" episode will be included from January 27 (launch day) through February 2.

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