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Mario Sports Mix: Stages and Party Games

The latest Square Enix Mario mascot game has more than just four barebones sporting events.

Mario Sports Mix hits Japan first, on November 25.

There's more to Mario Sports Mix than just a few sporting events. Nintendo updated the game's official site today, introducing us to the gimmick-filled stages of play and a few party games.

Developed by Square Enix, Mario Sports Mix is the latest sports game to feature the Mario cast. The game offers dodgeball, volleyball, basketball and hockey events.

The events are played in stages themed around areas of the Mario universe. Based off the slots in the stage section of the official site, the game will have at least 14 stages. Some work with all events while others are limited to only certain events.

The site currently lists:

Kinopio Park
A stadium court surrounded by a circuit. You can make use of the pylons laying about the course. Dodgeball and Hockey.
Mario Stadium
A standard sports stadium with no gimmicks. All four sports.
Noko Noko Beach
A summer sand course on a beach resort. Coins are lifted up with coming waves. All four sports.
Peach Castle
A grass court in Peach's castle garden. Water from the fountains rises and could repel your balls. All four sports.
DK Cruise
A giant raft court. It's possible to fall off the shaking raft. Dodgeball, Volleyball and Basketball.
Luigi's Mansion
A court in a spooky mansion. Perhaps the ghosts will give you assists when you hit the ball? Volleyball and Basketball.
Daisy Garden
A court set in a giant greenhouse that Petey Piranha calls home. Petey Piranha's actions hold the key to victory. Dodgeball, Basketball and Hockey.

Outside of the four main sports, you'll find a few party games. The party game section of the site lists the following four games:

Hungry Petey Piranha
Shoot tasty fruits into Petey Piranha's mouth. The bigger the fruit, the higher the score. The person with the highest score at the end wins.
Rhythm Receive
Receive the balls that come flying at you. By making each player receive the ball that matches their color, you can complete a melody.
Dodge Or Die
Attempt to avoid the Bob-omb that are launched by cannons. If you get caught up in the explosion, your life drains. The player with the most life at the end wins.
Smash Skate
Use your smash attack to make rivals fall off the stage, earning points in return. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Mario Sports Mix will be arriving here first on November 25.

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