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Shinji Mikami's New Studio Bought Out by Zenimax

Resident Evil creator's Tango Studio now a sibling to Fallout publisher Bethesda.

A mini game from the Tango teaser site around April 1.

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is now a close sibling to the people behind Fallout, Oblivion and Doom. Bethesda Softworks and Id Software parent ZeniMax Media announced today that it has acquired Mikami's new Tango studio, now fully known as "Tango Gameworks."

Tango first opened shop on March 1. A recruitment site for the studio opened on April 1 listing slots for designers, programmers, producers and more, but we've head little about the studio since as Mikami completed work on Vanquish for Platinum Games.

Mikami shared a few bits about Tango in a Famitsu interview from mid March. He told the magazine that the studio's staff of then just 13 people had experience on such titles as Final fantasy XI and Okami. He also said that he'd like the studio to work on both low budget idea-focused games as well as more substantial franchise-level titles along the lines of a Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid.

Notably, Mikami told Famitsu that Tango was in talks with a number of publishers regarding partnerships but had yet to sign a contract.

Coinciding with the announcement, Tango Gameworks opened a proper official site. View the site for details on the studio.

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