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A Look Inside Shinji Mikami's Tango Gameworks

The Resident Evil creator's new studio gets bought out by ZeniMax and finally starts opening up.


Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's new Tango Gameworks studio has been acquired by Bethesda and Id Software parent ZeniMax Asia. Of course, this news would mean a lot more if we actually knew something about the studio.

Thankfully, a new official site gives us some of the insight we've been waiting for since Mikami first announced Tango's formation back in March (see this story for a summary of the March announcement from Famitsu).

The official site is viewable in both English and Japanese. Here's a bit of what you might want to be on the lookout for.

Tango Gameworks is headquartered in a building called "The Soho," in Tokyo's Odaiba area. If you want to spy on Mikami, use this access map.

Mikami is not the only big talent working at Tango Gameworks. The site's staff page also lists Ikumi Nakamura as a director. Formerly a concept artist, Nakamura has experience on such games as Okami and Bayonetta.

As of October 2010, Tango has a staff of 35. The official site does not list anyone except Mikami and Nakamura.

That's Nakamura, in orange and armed.

Tango Gameworks has an image character:

This is "Tango-chan," said to be an apparition of Odaiba who refuses to go to into the ocean due to a weakness to salt. You can apparently make Tango-chan grow by sprinkling MSG on him.

Similar to the former Mikami Project site (the one that had the harakiri mini game around April Fools day), the Tango Gameworks site has a video feed section. There's nothing there at present.

Tango Gameworks is currently seeking staff through the site. Visit the recruit page for details on designer, programmer, 2D/3D artist and animator positions. The designer section asks for people with experience developing for at least one current generation console like Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3.

Would you like to see a "semi-maybe-non-fictional" account of a day working at Tango? Visit the comic page for Nakamura's weekly comic "The Real Tango." Episode 1 is titled "Hark! The Cursed Counsel" and has someone who looks like Mikami telling someone who looks like Nakamura to "Go bash your head against the wall until you're brain dead, then write me a new proposal."

A more serious look at the studio can be found at Mikami's profile page. An introduction from Mikami reads "This company is fixated on making games from the viewpoint of a creator. We are gong to make a game that will make Japan proud. Tango will strive to be a company that can unify everyone's love of games around the world."

Mikami and the Tango staff also have a staff blog. Go there for a look at the Tango staff barbecue and a disturbing gif of a cockroach doing god only knows what to a cat.

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