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Clothing Damage: Malicious Style

Plus, team Malicious speaks about their downloadable PlayStation 3 creation.


Malicious has both body damage, where your character's body disappears as you incur damage, and clothing damage, where your clothing disappears as you incur damage. As far as I can tell there are no 2channelers out there with disappearing body part fetishes. The disappearing clothing fetish, on the other hand... well, this is what showed up pretty quickly after Malicious saw release on Tuesday:

That's the game's female main character. Actually, to be more specific, it's the female form of the game's single main character, a spirit which has been summoned to save the world from the Malicious... or something like that.

Here's the character sitting down on her magic cape.

The cape is used for more than just furniture. It also turns into fists, weapons and even shields. It's your entire arsenal against a crew of powerful bosses that look a little something like this:

Now that I have your attention with pictures of mid-level poly clothing destruction, girls sitting down on magic clothing, and sweet boss designs, here are a few bits from the Malicious official blog and various interviews with the development staff that surfaced earlier this week.

From the blog, a Mr. Nakamura wrote yesterday about some of the game's technology. The battle arenas in Malicious are packed full of enemies, and the game keeps the enemies visible and animated no matter how far you are from them and how many end up appearing. Nakamura said that at peak the game will have around 300 enemies moving simultaneously.

Having so many enemies move about posed some technical hurdles, said Nakamura. The game's technical staff had to work around the PS3's limited memory. Additionally, he feels that the game makes full use of the PS3's Cell CPU.

It looks like technology was one of the focuses during the development of Malicious. In an interview with Online Player EX, the game's director, a Mr. Hiraki, revealed that they initially hoped to use an existing engine to make the game. However, after starting development, they determined that they wouldn't be able to do everything they wanted to do, so they created the game engine from scratch.

Separate from the technology discussion, Hiraki made a blog post about the game's difficulty. As players who've downloaded the game might have already figured out, the staff consciously adjusted the game towards the difficult side. Some staffers voiced concern that it might be too difficult, but Hiraki wanted to make it so that rather than players saying they were somehow able to get through battle, they would instead have to consciously consider and implement an attack method. He would like players to try out various attack methods in each stage.

Malicious seems to be getting favorable impressions. If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can download it for 800 yen on PlayStation Store.

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