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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Yukumo Farm

Gather materials for the coming quest.


Yukumo Village is your primary base of operations in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. But there's more to the town than just the public bath area where you can take baths with your Felyne friends. Similar to past MH games, you'll also find a farm where you can go to gather items for upcoming quests. This time, the farm is known as Yukumo Farm.

Your guide to the farm.

You're limited in the number of times you can use the farm's various facilities. However, if you return after having played through a quest, you'll find that your limits have been reset and you can go about getting items again.

Here's a look at some of the facilities you'll find on the farm:

Insect Gathering Box (new!)
Place mixes of items and feed in order to gather a variety of insects.
Fishing Net (new!)
The pier has a fishing net in place. Pull it up and you'll get a variety of insects.
Plant seeds and you'll be able to gather crops. Use fertilizer to increase your yield.
Mining Point
Go here to mine for minerals. Use your own pick axe or borrow one!
Mushroom Tree
A tree for cultivating mushrooms. You can expand the facility to increase the number and variety of accessible mushrooms.
Bee Hive [dd]Go here to get honey. You may find insects mixed in sometimes.[/dd]

You can work with your Felyne partners (perhaps after taking a bath with them?) to more efficiently use these facilities. Here are some of the examples that Capcom has mentioned:

  • Use a special seesaw to send your Felynes up to the tops of trees for insect gathering.
  • Team up with your Felynes to cook ten fish or pieces of meat simultaneously.
  • Have your Felynes gather the fish that you've caught.
  • Give your Felynes pick axes, send them off in a mine cart, and have them mine for minerals.

You can expand the farming facilities as well. The farm is run by a human manager (who leaves the dirty work of the farm to Felyne labor). You can ask the manager to expand your farm in various ways, adding new facilities or expanding current facilities. This requires that you exchange some of your Yukumo Points, earned through items from quests.

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