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Nintendo's Latest Hit List

New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart Wii fight for 25 million!


Nintendo provided some materials today to go along with its quarterly earnings report from yesterday. If you've been writing about video games as long as I have (for gods sake what's wrong with you!?) you'll know that this means: updated million sellers list!

These are the Nintendo brand games that sold a million or more units over the six month period from April to September.

As reported yesterday, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was Nintendo's biggest game for the term with 5.1 million sold, most of it overseas. But Pokemon Black & White was pretty close second despite coming out a couple of weeks before the end of the term and being limited to Japan only (for the most part -- I'm not sure where the 20,000 overseas sales comes from -- you didn't import 20,000 copies, did you?).

In the life to date wars list which I believe should exclude Wii Sports since it's included with a large number of Wii systems, the big drama is between New Super Mario Bros. (DS version) and Mario Kart Wii. Which will be the first to 25 million? Or will Wii Sports Resort beat them both?

The supplementary report also handy charts showing hardware and software sales for Wii and DS across the major territories.

First up, Wii:

Now DS:

Japan is pretty insignificant for both markets, but more so for the console side.

For the full supplemental earnings report, including a schedule of upcoming releases and more investory topics, visit Nintendo's investor relations page. (Direct link to the PDF).

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