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First Look: Disgaea 4's "Punishment" System

Take the physical approach to instruction.


This week's Flying Get had mention of a "punishment system" for Disgaea 4 as detailed in the latest Dengeki PlayStation. Here's a look, courtesy of Dengeki PS Online.

Punishment may not be the right term, actually. The menu appears to be for giving instruction to the character. You can do things like tie up her hands and legs. A bit tamer, you can choose to listen to her worries. Or if you're in the mood, you can opt to give her a massage or "talk dirty" to her.

Why you'd want to do any of this is unclear at present. Dengeki lists the screenshot as a "mysterious shot" and says to wait for a followup report for details.

The magazine doesn't actually refer to the system as a "punishment" system, although like Criminal Girls it looks like there could be the option for physical encouragement to make learning happen faster.

There's a bunch more in the Dengeki print article. For a Japanese language summary, see this blog.

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