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Nintendo Unveils 3DS Shopping Channel

Smoother shopping interface for 3DS owners who choose to buy digital.


Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata briefly brought up the 3DS towards the tail end of an investors briefing today. Attendees were given a first glimpse at the 3DS shopping channel interface. According to Iwata, the demonstration had been left out of last month's Nintendo Conference press event due to time constraints.

You can see the demonstration for yourself here. For a larger version, follow this link and skip to the 40 minute mark.

At the Nintendo Conference, Iwata had said that the new shopping interface would offer a smoother overall experience and would also combine sales and promotions in one system. If this were Wii, it would be like combining Wii Shopping Channel and Everyone's Nintendo Channel in one. The result is that 3DS users will be able to enjoy window shopping, something that Nintendo feels will help support download sales.

As the demonstration video played during today's conference, Iwata noted some of the primary features. When you start up the shop, you can now select to visit "racks" corresponding to different themes. On each rack, you'll find software that fits the theme.

Select a game, and you'll be able to see details, view movies, download a demo and see the opinion of other players. Select to see the software details and, similar to the Everyone's Nintendo Channel on Wii, you'll get a description, play status and other info. You'll also be able to jump directly to the game's home page.

Outside of the various themed ranks, the shop will also have a section where games are listed in order of latest releases and most popular, and search functionality. Players will also be able to cast recommendation votes for games.

Closing off the presentation, Iwata detailed the January 3DS demo event. You can read the details on that here.

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