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Keiji Inafune Leaving Capcom

President of Daletto and head of development at Capcom moving on to different things at end of the month.

Inafune at a Dead Rising 2 event last year where he made some controversial statements about the Japanese game industry being in trouble.

Keiji Inafune announced today via his blog that he will be leaving his position at both Capcom and Daletto at the end of the month. Inafune is currently CEO of Daletto and (deep breath) "Head of R&D Management Group and Consumer Games R&D Division and Contents Management Division" at Capcom.

As reason for his departure from Daletto, a Capcom subsidiary that handles online games management and business, Inafune wrote, "Work as a CEO requires speaking about your dreams and evaluating your subordinates. If you can do these two things, anyone can be CEO. I've always thought that, and I still do. However, I can no longer do these two at Daletto. I've lost the authority to evaluate my subordinates and the qualification to speak about my dreams."

As for Capcom, Inafune said that he'd reached the highest point in software development at Capcom and there are no additional steps for him to climb. "It would probably be good for me to sit gracefully in this seat and become a leading figure in the industry. However, I cannot do this. Settling down means death for a creator. As long as you are a creator, you cannot settle down."

He brought up an analogy to Akira Kurosawa, saying that the film director continued to make movies until he died. "He was a true creator who was recognized throughout the world."

"Capcom is truly a good company," continued Inafune. "I love Capcom. Probably more than anyone in the world. However, it's not always the case that your hopes are realized. Just as it was with the girlfriend I loved long ago."

"There was a chance that I could continue to be Capcom's power. I bet on that chance until the end. The means of both Capcom and myself to be happy. That was surely possible. However, now that chance is completely closed off."

Inafune also added that there probably won't be a chance for him to work with Capcom in the future. "Capcom must, from here on out, walk without me. I too can not depend on Capcom."

While the precise reasons of Inafune's departure aren't clear from the blog post, it looks like he came to the decision a while back. 4gamer posted an interview with Inafune today. In the interview, Inafune tells the site that he's leaving Capcom. The interview was originally conducted in the middle of this month, but the site held off on posting the interview until the timing of Inafune's announcement.


19:56 - A previous version of this story stated that the 4gamer interview was conducted at the end of September. The site actually pitched the interview in September, but conducted it in mid October. It held back on posting the interview until Inafune made his announcement.

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