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My Wife Has First Kiss Achievement

Get to first base, get 50 points!


In Idea Factory's just released Xbox 360 love sim My Wife, you simulate life with your ideal wife. But before that, you'll have to woo your wife during your school years and get that first kiss.

So what happens when you get -- achieve, if you will -- your first kiss?

Yes, My Wife rewards you with a 50 point achievement for getting to first base. To actually get the kiss, you'll apparently need to achieve a good atmosphere while out on a date.

Getting that first date is also an achievement. You'll also get achievements for:

  • Lasting one week as a couple
  • Lasting one month as a couple
  • Lasting one year as a couple
  • Successfully proposing
  • Successfully getting married
  • Being filled with love (Aim for 100 love points!)
  • Sleeping with your wife (If this is an achievement, you need a new wife!)
  • Becoming best partner (I think this is the result of playing a quiz mini game)
  • Helping your wife with the laundry (I think this is also mini game)
  • Playing with the maid (err... I hope that means your wife cosplaying as a maid)

The achievements aren't all happy, though. You get 20 points for getting into a lovers quarrel with your wife.

If you'd like a full list of achievements for My Wife, visit this Wiki.

Here are some smutty pics of My Wife that have surfaced on the interwebs.

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