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Romancing SaGa II Hits iMode Today

Get a look at the new content and some special Tomomi Kobayashi artwork.


Square Enix promised Romancing SaGa II for iMode mobile users on November 1, and they delivered just that today. The enhanced port of the Super Famicom classic is available for 800 points (¥840).

The game's official site was updated with a look at what qualifies the port for the "enhanced" naming. Joining all the basic systems you'll remember for the original, the new version adds the following:

Avalon Garden

You can plant "Avalon Trees" in the castle garden. Doing so will increase your money (crowns), which can be used on your adventure.

The description at the official site lists this particular area of the game as "Free of charge." It's not really clear what this means, although the game is set to have paid download content.

Original Dungeon

Square Enix has added four original dungeons which detail the story of the Seven Heroes, an area that's not addressed in the main story. The four dungeons are the Black Labyrinth, the Red Labyrinth, the Blue Labyrinth and the Green Labyrinth. You'll find new allies and more in each dungeon. Also, it seems that something awaits for those who clear all four dungeons.

"New Game Stronger"

This a translation of the phrase Square Enix uses to refer to the game's "New Game +" option, where you can restart the game after clearing, keeping your character strength and items.

Outside of screens and details on the new systems, the official site also has a section featuring artwork from SaGa series character designer Tomomi Kobayashi depicting the seven heroes. Currently, just one character is available. Other characters will be added over time.

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