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Your Valkyria Chronicles 3 Packaging

Sega kicks off promotions with the packaging, an official Twitter, and more!


When you look for Valkyria Chronicles 3 at retail on January 27, you can make the search much easier by just trying to spot the best box art in human history:

Sega provided a look at the final box art today as at kicked off a couple of new promotions for the upcoming PSP sequel.

First off, the game's similarly lovely official site was updated with a look at the Calamity Raven villains. We already provided the details here, but it looks like the official site is scheduled to get some movies of the characters shortly (the video thumbnails beneath the character profiles say "coming soon").

The site's special section now has interviews with the voice staff behind the three main characters. It looks like a gameplay video and a fan site kit are on the way next.

Sega also gave the game one of them Twitters. The Twitter feed will provide live coverage of the upcoming November 3 early demo event and the game's November 9 press conference.

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