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Mamorukun Shoot-em-up Coming to PlayStation 3

PS3 owners can experience a tiny fraction of the Xbox 360 shooter lineup.


Xbox 360 may be king when it comes to the arcade shooter, but PlayStation 3 owners are getting in on just a bit of the fun.

Cyber Front announced today a PlayStation 3 version of 2008 arcade shooter Mamorukun wa Nowareteshimatta. The PS3 version, which follows a 2009 Xbox 360 port (released through G.rev), will be titled Mamorukun wa Nowareteshimatta: Meikai Katsugeki Wide Version.

The PlayStation 3 version offers full HD wide screen support, two Xbox 360 download characters included from the stat for free, and a new "Meikai Katsugeki Mode." A retail release is set for March.

Comparison screenshot from the Xbox 360 version.

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