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Shigeru Miyamoto's Hobby Results in New DSi Ware App

Make your own customized DS download service later this month.

From the DS navigation service in place at the Ispiari shopping center at Tokyo Disney Resort.

It's become somewhat of a tradition at Nintendo's investor briefings for attendees to ask Shigeru Miyamoto about his hobbies in the hopes of getting some insight into Nintendo's future game releases. During the Q&A session at Nintendo's latest briefing, held on the 29th, the first question asked was actually about this area.

Miyamoto first returned his usual response about how he's told to not talk about his hobbies because they will become hints about future titles. He then joked, "It's not the case that I have hobbies in the hopes of making a new game."

While Miyamoto didn't provide any new details on his current hobbies, it turns out that he did provide a hint about an upcoming game during recent hobby discussions. As part of the Super Mario Bros. series 25th anniversary promotions, Nintendo posted a dialogue between Miyamoto and Mother creator Shigesato Itoi (read an English transcript here). During the dialogue (see page 9), Itoi joked that he and Iwata often talk about how Miyamoto works very hard in his "neighborhood association." Miyamoto had brought up the topic of neighborhood association work during Nintendo's July investors Q&A.

It may not be accurate to call such community work a "hobby," but it has lead to a new Shigeru Miyamoto project. Miyamoto revealed during Friday's investors briefing that he worked on a DSi Ware app that will allow people to easily "make their own DS download service." Users can use the DSi's camera and mic to take voice and image samples, edit these, and send them out to people with a DS.

As an example of the app's use, Miyamoto suggested a stamp rally at a neighborhood committee meeting. He also envisions the device being used by retailers. For instance, a coffee shop owner could set up the service to display a menu and shop introduction. Patrons who have a DS with them would be able to access the service from their table.

Based off Miyamoto's comments, it looks like this new app will be a do-it-yourself version of the various navigational and promotional services Nintendo has in place at museums, shopping malls and McDonalds.

The app is scheduled to be available some time this month, so we should get specifics soon.

Images of the navigation service that's in place at the Ispiari shopping center at Tokyo Disney Resort. Nintendo has not provided a look at the app Miyamoto detailed during the Q&A, so it's unclear how much power it will give users.

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