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Yu Suzuki Speaks

Get all the current details on Ys Net, the new studio from the creator of Shenmue.


Yu Suzuki's new studio Ys Net now has its own official site (thanks for the tip, Raj!). The site allows us to get some much needed details on the studio formed by the former Sega superstar.

Suzuki is president of Ys Net, which was established on November 11, 2008. The studio is located in Tokyo's Ota Ward and lists its businesses as "software planning, production and development."

In today's press release detailing the new Shenmue City (full report here), Sunsoft listed Shenmue City as the first game from Ys Net.

Most of the content at the site at present is centered on Yu Suzuki himself. The site has an "About Yu Suzuki" section detailing the works of Suzuki. It covers 1985's Hang-on Space Harrier, directed by Suzuki, through 2001's F355 Challenge 2, Virtua Fighter 4 and Shenmue II, all directed by Suzuki, and Fighting Vipers II (Dreamcast), produced by Suzuki.

In a message at the site, Suzuki writes:

"The things I like,

Cars, motorcycles, clocks, wine, paintings, billiards...

For some reason, video games aren't there.

It's not that I don't like games, but I enjoy reality more, so I end up not having time to play games.

However, I like making things

I most enjoy when I'm making something, as there are always discoveries

I'd like to deliver to game players an enjoyment that is beyond the framework of games, along with new play elements.

Making [games] is fun, but the feeling of seeing the the happiness of people who play the game that we made is even more wonderful.

This is why I cannot stop making games."

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