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This Week's Flying Get

Samurai Warriors 3 set for PS3. The latest leaks from this week's magazines.


Wednesday is a national holiday ("Culture Day" ... how peaceful). That means one thing and one thing only: early flying get!

Check back throughout the day for all the magazine leaks as they surface on message boards and other shady sources. Insert the usual warnings here about none of the information having been verified, yadda, yadda, yadda.

If you'd like to keep up with all past Flying Get stories, visit the Flying Get tag.

Added 16:37

Atelier Viorate Set for PSP

This isn't really magazine info, but it appears that a retailer has posted a listing for a port of PlayStation 2's first Atelier game, Atelier Viorate ~The Alchemist of Gramnad 2~.

The PSP version will feature three new characters, Lapis, Nanami and Sphere, along with events and endings to go along with them. The screen layout and fonts and so-forth have been tuned for the PSP.

Gust will release this latest Atelier port on February 3 in standard and Premium Box form.

These retail leaks are usually right, but I'm putting it in here because I haven't been able to verify the retailer listing for myself, as the site appears to be down.

(Thanks for the heads up, Yuan!)

Added 13:41

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Demo Hits Next Week

Famitsu reports this week that the demo of Valkyria Chronicles 3 that Sega promised back at the Tokyo Game Show will be available on the 9th. Visit this story for details on the demo.

Mass Effect 2 Hits in January

Mass Effect 2 has a final release date of January 13, according to Famitsu. The game was previously confirmed for Winter. Compared to the lengthy wait for the original, it looks like Japanese players won't have to wait nearly as long for the sequel.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Has More Felyne Cuteness

This week's Famitsu shows off some new equipment for your Felynes in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. You'll be able to dress your quest companions in a frog-like equipment and something resembling a pink bear.

The magazine also has looks at the difference in visuals between day and night versions of the game's stages, and a new monster, Dobolburg, the hammer-tailed dragon.

God of War Gets a 10

Another western game has drawn a 10 from Famitsu's reviewers. PSP's God of War: Ghost of Sparta scored one 10 and three 9s this week.

Other scores:

  • Tactics Ogre (PSP): 9, 9, 9, 9
  • Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Omise (DS): 8, 8, 8, 8
  • Mafia II (PS3/X360): 7, 7, 8, 7
  • Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 (PS3/X360): 8, 8, 8, 7
Strong scores for the Tactics Ogre remake.

Added 12:22

Gundam Musou 3 Gets Four Player Co-Op

Famitsu has a look at the online component of Gundam Musou 3, which is due for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release on December 16. The game will have four player online co-op play complete with exclusive online mission. Players will be able to support one-another through healing and so-forth.

Gundam Musou 3 switches the visual style to cell shading.

Samurai Warriors 3 PS3 Missing Mura Samejou Mode

The Wii version of Samurai Warriors 3 had a special mode that was themed around a Nintendo published Famicom Disc System game called Nazo no Mura Samejou. This was such a big selling point that Shigeru Miyamoto appeared at the game's unveiling press conference to announce it himself.

Famitsu's mode list for the PlayStation 3 version does not include this mode, so it has presumably, and not surprisingly, been taken out.

New Dynasty Warriors 7 Details

Reader TreIII posted a summary of the Dynasty Warriors 7 content that's in Famitsu this week:

"There's also a page in this issues that's dedicated Shin Sangoku Musou 6 (Dynasty Warriors 7), as well.

New warriors: Wang Yuanji (Mother of Sima Yan), Zhuge Dan (post Wei officer)

Returning: Cai Wenji (yeah, yeah, she actually appeared in the Strikeforce sequel), Xiahou Yuan, Cao Cao, Lu Meng, Ling Tong, Da Qiao , Xing Cai, Ma Chao."

Dynasty Warriors 7 is PS3 exclusive in Japan but multiplatform elsewhere.

UPDATE 10:22

More Samurai Warriors 3 Details

A few additional details on the two new Samurai Warriors 3 games have surfaced.

Regarding the Wii title, Samurai Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends ("Moushouden" in Japanese), the game will have a "Mix Joy" feature that lets you share modes and data with part 3. I'm not sure what sharing a "mode" is supposed to mean.

Regarding the PS3 title, Samurai Warriors Z, the game will have Masanori Fukushima, Zen Ayago and Gracia playable. You'll also find new rare weapons.

Tales of Graces F Has a Code Geass Tie-up

Jump got the first word of the Tales of Graces F Toro tie-up last week. Famitsu has a look at that tie-up this week, but adds another collaboration: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion.

You'll be able to dress up the main Graces characters as the main characters from the popular anime. Aspel will dress like Sazuku, Sophie like C.C, Cheria like Kallen and Richard like Zero.


Samurai Warriors 3 Set for PS3

Tecmo Koei is readying a PlayStation 3 version of Sengoku Musou 3, aka Samurai Warriors 3. The PS3 version will be called "Sengoku Musou 3Z" and will feature HD visuals, two new modes, three new generals, 10 new stories and more new elements. A release is set for January 27. Development is at 70%.

Wii is also getting a new Sengoku Musou game. Actually, Sengoku Musou 3 Moushouden, the Moushouden (Xtreme Legends) update for the game. This is due for January 27 release as well.

From the Wii version of Samurai Warriors 3.

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