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Square Enix Brings Two to Facebook

Chocobo's Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals available for free play on the SNS.


Square Enix thickened up its Facebook catalogue today with two additional games. Users of the social networkin service can now play Chocobo's Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals, both of which are currently in beta form.

Chocobo's Crystal Tower, previously released for the GREE mobile gaming platform, has players build up a Chocobo and send it out to monster-filled towers. You can feed, brush and perform other tasks to care for your Chocobo, who will grow from chick to adult. The game has a social aspect in that you can help other players' Chocobos and exchange gifts. For a details on the mobile version, click here.

Knights of the Crystals, also previously for GREE, has players take on quests to collect experience and money and build up a hero. The game features character design work from Ryoma Ito of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings fame. For a look at the cell phone version click here.

Both games are item based, meaning they're free to play but some item purchases incur charge.

Access the games here:

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