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Dragon Quest III Tops a Million on Cell Phones

Continued success for Square Enix's RPG franchise.

Celebratory Slime.

Tack on one million to whatever ungodly number of total sales Dragon Quest III currently commands. Square Enix announced today that total downloads of the game's mobile version have topped the million mark.

The game in question is a remake of the 1998 final entry in the first Dragon Quest trilogy. In addition to visuals and sounds updated to match the mobile platform, the game adds a sakusen/strategy option for assigning battle strategies to your allies.

Square Enix first released the cell phone version for iMode users in November 2009, split into two parts, each costing 600 points (¥630). It's now available for EZweb as well. The million mark covers both versions.

The mobile versions of the first two Dragon Quest games previously topped the million mark.

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