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This is Catherine's Story

Official site updated with story details and voice samples.


We've already managed to piece together Catherine's background story from little bits here and there. Now the game's official site has been updated with the official story.

Catherine begins with reports of a series of bizarre deaths. Young men are dying in their sleep with frightening expressions on their face. There have also been rumors around town that if you see a nightmares in which you fall, and you don't wake up immediately, you will die.

Vincent is with Katherine, his girlfriend of five years, at a bar he frequents. While Vincent considers his life to be good as is, Katherine hints that she wants to get married. Vincent is unable to say anything.

A mysterious girl (the Catherine character of the title) appears in the bar and, even though there are plenty of empty seats, sits next to Vincent. The girl happens to be Vincent's type, and he ends up spending the night with her.

From that day, Vincent begins seeing nightmares every night. Are these the rumored nightmares?

View the official site to see some video clips accompanying the story sequences, including clips of those unsettling creatures that appear in Vincent's dreams.

The site's character section also now has voice samples for Vincent, Catherine and Katherine.

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