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Retailers List PSP Atelier Viorate

The classic PlayStation 2 Atelier game is being updated for PSP players.


Multiple retailers have posted listings for an unannounced PSP Atelier series game, Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2. Series fans will recognize this as an early PlayStation 2 entry in the series.

The PSP version adds the surname "Gunjou no Omoide" (literally "Deep Blue Memories"). New features mentioned in the product listings include the addition of three new characters, Lapis, Nanami and Sphere, additional event and ending scenes, and screen layout and font tuning to match the PSP.

From the PlayStation 2 version.
Main character Viorate.

According to the retailers, the game will see February 3 release, priced ¥5,040 for its standard version and ¥7,140 for its limited edition.

Gust has yet to announce this latest Atelier port, but the retail listings look like they came from official material, so expect to hear something shortly.

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