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Your Tactics Ogre Title Screen

Square Enix sends out playable builds to the press.


This is what you'll see when you first boot up Tactics Ogre on PSP:

4gamer posted the image as part of its coverage of an early build of the game. Square Enix has apparently been sending out early builds of the game to the online press, which is still a pretty rare thing in Japan.

The title screen has options for "Game Start," "Battle Team Combat" and "Data Install."

Of these, the "Battle Team Combat" option may be a bit unfamiliar. Detailed by Square Enix last week, the Battle Team Combat feature is a wireless combat mode of sorts. Players build and edit a team of units and exchange the team with friends. You can specify AI routines for your team members, selecting from such options as "Attacker," "Defender," and "Tight End." You can even create your own unit dialogue and specify when the dialogue is said.

4gamer has posted a 17 minute video of the game's opening and subsequent moments. Access it in the 4gamer report.

The site posted only brief impressions in its first report. The big point appears to be that the game's interface is fast and smooth. Outside of the nearly non-existent load times, the menu controls and other areas of the interface feel "extremely low weight," which is a good thing for a game like Tactics Ogre which is guaranteed to eat up a good part of your year.

The public at large will get a chance to experience Tactics Ogre next week as it hits on the 11th.

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