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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Character Growth System Revealed

Plus, find out when you'll be able to play the demo!

The latest on Valkyria Chronicles 3, from Famitsu.

Sega has been promising a Valkyria Chronicles 3 demo since the Tokyo Game Show. It looks like we'll at last be getting the demo next week. Famitsu confirms a November 9 availability date from PlayStation Store. The demo will also be available at the Valkyria 3 official site starting on the 11th.

The magazine detailed the demo a few issues back. The demo will be different from the Tokyo Game Show build, continuing the story from that version and offering two missions. The magazine teased that there may be some connective elements with the final version.

Outside of the demo date, Famitsu this week provides a look at the Valkyria Chronicles 3 character growth system, which has some major changes from the systems in past entries in the series.

The biggest change is that you can freely switch all your ally characters between the five different unit types. However, some characters have specialties depending on the class.

The level up system is also changing. In past Valkyria games, you distributed experience points to the various units types in your party. For Valkyria 3, rather than leveling up units types, you level up the squad as a whole. You can distribute experience points to five areas.

The game will see some changes to its "Potential" system. "Potential" are like character-specific skills. As with past games, each character has Personal Potentials, which are fixed (although they may change as part of the story), along with Battle Potentials, which are learned as the character grows.

In past Valkyria games, the Battle Potentials you learned were random. For Valkyria 3, you make use of a new visual "Master Table" chart to consciously target certain Potentials.

The magazine also has some character details this week. Joining the Nameless squad are Fellius and Vallerie. Fellius is Number 21 and was apparently sent to the Nameless for delivering an inaccurate report to his superiors. Vallerie is Number 12. A former historian, she apparently broke some laws in an investigation and was sent to the Nameless.


4:52 -- A previous version of this story wrote that past Valkyria games had players distribute experience points to individual units. The experience points were actually distributed to unit types rather than individual units. (Thanks VyseofArcadia!)

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