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New Samurai Warriors Set for PS3 and Wii

Tecmo Koei updating Samurai Warriors 3 with new modes and characters for PlayStation 3. Wii getting Xtreme Legends update.

Samurai Warriors is returning on both PS3 and Wii. Shown above, the Wii version of Samurai Warriors 3, released in December 2009.

Samurai Warriors is coming to the 3DS as one of Tecmo Koei's earliest titles. But the series is continuing on consoles too. In this week's Famitsu, Tecmo Koei unveiled two semi new console entries in the series.

PlayStation 3 will be getting Samurai Warriors 3Z, an enhanced port of Wii's Samurai Warriors 3. In addition to the change to HD visuals, the PS3 version will have Masanori Fukushima, Zen Ayago and Gracia playable as playable characters. These three will have their own stories for the game's Musou Enbu mode. Additionally, seven characters whose scenarios weren't included in the original Musou Enbu mode are having scenarios added. That's a total of 10 new stories for PS3 owners.

The PS3 version will be missing the "Nazo no Mura Samejou" mode from the Wii version, Famitsu confirms (this makes sense, as that mode was based off a Nintendo published Famicom game). However, it will be adding two new modes. Here's a list of modes confirmed for the PlayStation 3:

From the Wii version of Samurai Warriors 3.
Musou Enbu
Work through the individual stories for 40 characters.
Mogi Enbu
Play through your favorite stage from the Musou Enbu scenarios you've cleared.
A new mode for the PlayStation 3. Challenge the record when faced with special rules. This mode will be compatible with network rankings.
Soushi Enbu
A new mode for the PlayStation 3. Work through a continuous series of automatically generated scenarios. Your goal is to reach the "life goal" that's set out for you.
Take part in famous Sengoku Era battles and create your own historical time line.
Buke Yashiki
Make new generals, change settings, view your generals, etc.

The PS3 version also adds a "second rare weapon" for many characters, difficulty settings, and other features that should keep Musou fans playing. As listed above, the Buke Yashiki ("Samurai Residence") mode also has a viewer mode now. This lets you see your generals' profile and visuals, and listen to audio samples.

Currently 70% complete, Samurai Warriors 3Z will be released on January 27 at ¥7,140. A Premium Box is also on the way, priced ¥10,290.

Also getting a brief mention in Famitsu this week is Samurai Warriors 3 Moushouden for the Wii. This is the "Xtreme Legends" update for the Wii version of the game. It will feature a "Mix Joy" feature which lets you share modes and data with the original Samurai Warriors 3 if you have it. The Nazo no Murajosama mode will also be playable in Xtreme Legends.

Moushouden will see Wii release in January 27, priced ¥3,990.

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