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Hero 30 Second Hits in February

Retail and download release for sequel. Demo hits later today.

From the new edit mode.

Under the original plan, we were supposed to have been playing Hero 30 Second today. But the game suffered a delay back in September.

Marvelous used the original release date (well, the day before actually) to announce a new final date. Hero 30 Second is now due for release on February 10.

Joining the ¥4,980 standard version, MMV will release a PlayStation Store download version, priced ¥4,200.

Hero 30 Second retains its predecessor's premise of having players defeat the demon king within 30 seconds. Unlike the original, which had a variety of genres, including action and shooting stages, the focus is entirely on RPGs here. Joining the five scenarios and 90 quests of the solo play mode, you'll find a multiplayer ad-hoc mode and an edit mode.

A demo will be available later today.

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