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8,000 People Have Experienced My Wife

Gamers choose Wife over soccer.


My Wife became available for purchase last week, and Xbox 360 owners pounced like girls at an El Shaddai dojin event.

(Note: please do not ask me what's going on at that El Shaddai event or why the game has become such a sensation of weirdness, because I totally don't know.)

Some 8,000 Xbox 360 owners saw the appeal of My Wife and decided to take the plunge. My Wife made it in at 18 on the Media Create sales charts, placing it ahead of Xbox 360's Winning Eleven 2011, which didn't chart, but below Fable III, which placed 8.

My Wife didn't have what it takes to push Xbox 360 sales too far, though. The system saw a modest 500 unit gain to just above 2,500 units, but this wasn't enough to beat the PSP go which surged to 3,000 units following a ¥10,000 price drop. Maybe if My Wife weren't so pricey.

For more on this week's sales, see this story.

Play mini games with your wife.
Play dress up with your wife.
Take a bath with your wife.
Sleep with your wife!
My Wife's array of summer clothing.

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