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Mister Donut DS Official Site Opens

Get a look at the four types of work that await in the upcoming donut making sim.


Columbia has opened an official site for its Mister Donut themed simulation game, Mister Donut DS.

In Mister Donut DS, you experience what it's like to have giant eyes and work a part time job at a donut shop. The game's genre is "Adventure Game Where You Love Work."

As detailed here back in October, Mister Donut DS lets you experience four areas of work throughout the course of the day:

During the morning, mix ingredients and make donuts.
During the afternoon, add toppings, decorations and cream to your donuts.
In the evening, manage the register, pour coffee for customers and arrange your donuts.
At night, mop the floors, stack dishes and clean up your shop.

Do a good job, and your customers will give you favorable messages like "Wow! It tastes great! I don't remember Mister Donuts tasting this great!" and "These donuts aren't just tasty, they're cute too. I'm going to take a picture of them and make a post on my blog."

If you enjoy your work, you'll be able to play each job individually by visiting the Work Room.

You're not alone in mastering your donut making skills. Each job puts you under the watchful eye of a superior, each with a name.

As this game has the Mister Donut name, you'll find actual Mister Donut product included. You'll be able to make 45 popular donut types, each with a unique creation flow. You can see the process for two types at the official site.

You'll also find Mister Donut items and historical uniforms waiting to be purchased using Rewards Cards that you get for doing a good job.

Mister Donut opens shop on DS on December 9. Visit the official site for a commercial.

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