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Project Diva 2nd's "Meiko" DLC Hits Today

Celebrating the vocaloid's 6th anniversary.


Round three of Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd download content hits today. Access PlayStation Store at some point, and you'll find modules, room themes and room items themed around the Meiko vocaloid. The items are being released in celebration of Meiko's 6th anniversary.

Here's what what awaits your hard earned yen:

Meiko Taisho Roman Module With Wall Item

Priced ¥300. The wall item is the shirt at the back of one of the screens. It's just for show.

Meiko Memorial Booth Room Theme

Priced ¥100. This is meant to look like a recording studio.

Meiko Birthday Cake

A ¥100 room item.

iCup Drink

Priced ¥100. Not alcoholic.

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