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Rune Factory Oceans: Marriage, Sea Battles and Monster Raising

The latest on MMV's PlayStation 3 and Wii farming RPG.

In Rune Factory Oceans, the main character is actually two characters in one body. The male side is Azel. The female side is Sonia.

Famitsu has a nice little update on Rune Factory Oceans this week, sharing a few more bits about marriage and sea battles and even debuting the game's monster raising system.


Romance and marriage are elements of any Harvest Moon and Rune Factory game. As detailed in our initial look, Oceans has just a few twists in this area owing to the main character being a male and female in one body.

You'll find a selection of heroes and heroines to target depending on your character's current gender. Candidates listed in the magazine include:

A hero candidate. He's a trader, but because his business is always in the red he relies on his younger sister's support. While he's normally calm and composed, when it comes to his younger sister, he'll become a lot more talkative.
A heroine candidate. She runs a general store but can often be seen taking leave of work to head out for play. She'll get close to anyone, and so has a lot of friends.
A heroine candidate. Her family appears to be going through financial troubles.

As with past titles, you can attempt to earn favor with these candidates by giving presents. The candidates will wear the present, showing visual changes to their appearance.


In addition to fighting monsters in battle, you can also befriend monsters, raise them, and have them fight with you as allies. To woo new monsters to your side, it appears that you'll have to brush their fur using your comb. When bringing a monster out to battle with you, you'll be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys because your allied beasts will have a marker above their head.

Marvelous has yet to share full detail on the Oceans battle system.


In Rune Factory Oceans, you ride a giant as you travel across the seas. This giant is born from a seed and will listen to the commands of the person who planted the seed. At some point in the game, the ground will tear apart with a thunderous roar and the giant will emerge. Sonia, the female side of the main character, will give the giant the name Ymir upon hearing that it can speak.

Ymir can raise islands from the ocean's depths. These islands can be explored, but you'll need to be careful of monster attacks.

Ymir will also encounter other giants while out on the sea. This will trigger a monster battle. Taking direct control of Ymir, you can punch, throw boulders and perform other attacks. You even have access to finishing moves. Famitsu has a look at two giants: the bull-like Giant Horn, and Big Squid.

That's your giant, Ymir.

Famitsu will presumably put the screens and details from its print article online at some point later this week, so be sure and check the headlines section of the Rune Factory Oceans game page.

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