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Love Plus, Metal Gear Boost Konami Earnings

Company sees gains over last year as PS3 and PSP become its dominant platforms.

Snake had solid performance in Peace Walker on PSP.

Fueled by strong sales of Winning Eleven, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Love Plus, Konami saw sales and earnings gains for the first half of the current fiscal year.

The company announced its first half earnings today. Net revenues were up from 113.9 billion yen in the first half of last year to 115.8 billion yen this year. Operating income leaped from 4.6 billion yen to 8.1 billion yen.

Konami's gaming business, known as its "Digital Entertainment" division, contributed to gains in both revenues and earnings. This division saw 53.1 billion yen in sales, up from last year's 51.4 billion, and 4.6 billion yen in operating income, up from 4.5 billion last year.

Games specifically mentioned for solid performance were Powerful Pro Baseball 2010, which saw its first ever PlayStation 3 entry over the year, and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Love Plus + also saw "social phenomenon level" success just like its predecessor, Konami said. Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer also performed favorably, with Konami making mention of the Japan-only "Aoki Samurai" unofficial World Cup edition from earlier this year.

The company sold 10.05 million pieces of software over the period, up from last year's 5.89 million. As usual, soccer was the biggest category, with 3.44 million units. Thanks to Peace Walker, Metal Gear games reached 1.47 million units from last year's 360,000 units.

Like last year, Japan was Konami's biggest region, with 4.34 million units. Europe was second with 3.42 million. North America had 2.18 million units.

Last year, Wii was Konami's biggest platform, accounting for 23% of sales. This year, PS3 and PSP surged to, respectively, 29% and 28%. Wii's percentage of software sales fell to 12%. DS also fell from 21% to 14%.

Comparison of sales splits from last year to this year.

For its future outlook, the company listed games like jubeat plus for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad for Japanese release in 2011, Metal Gear Arcade for Japanese release in December, and the two Love Plus arcade games for Japanese release in 2011. Many of its biggest titles for the second half of the fiscal year, including Winning Eleven and Castlevania are already out in various parts of the world.

You can see Konami's earnings results for yourself off the Konami corporate site. For a direct link to the relevant PDF, click here.

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