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Level-5 Outlines White Knight Chronicles 2 Plans

Major updates coming through next year.

Level-5 has some big plans for White Knight 2.

White Knight Chronicles 2 has been out since July 8 and has seen six quests and three updates. But the adventure is just beginning! Level-5 and Sony have some big things planned for the game. This week's Famitsu provided a few hints of things to come.

In or beyond January of 2011, Level-5 will add a new "story quest" element to the game. These are so named because they let you experience a new story where your avatar serves as the role of main character. You'll find new maps, new knights and new enemies. Famitsu shows artwork for these, so take a look if you have access to the magazine.

In Spring or beyond, the game will adopt a new "Guild System." This allows you and your allies to create a shared space on Geonet with a message board, rooms and shop accessible only by your group (guild). Your guild has a "reputation" parameter which functions like experience. As this builds up, your guild's level will rise and you'll end up with more elaborate rooms and shops.

Other updates planned for the game include:

  • New equipment items
  • New functionality for message boards (including favorite lists)
  • Tab view and genre-based organization option for journal entries
  • New colors and parts for your Arc Knight
  • Seasonal Georama parts
  • New types of quests, including quests with mega tough bosses, time attack quests and "free hunt quests" which allow you to enjoy combat and item collection without worrying about time, guild rank or level.

Famitsu itself will be getting a collaboration quest on the 11th. Clear this special quest, and you'll be able to create a collaborative accessory themed around Famitsu's Necky fox mascot.

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