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Samurai Warriors 3Z and Xtreme Legends are the Same Game

PS3 version ups the framerate to 60. First screens here.


Tecmo Koei announced Samurai Warriors 3Z for PlayStation 3 and Samurai Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends for Wii earlier this week. It forgot to mention one thing in the initial report: they're the same game but with different names.

Official sites for the games opened up today. The site for 3Z confirms that the game has all the content of Xtreme Legends. The site for Xtreme Legends lists all the content that was announced in Famitsu for 3Z, including the 10 new stories and the two new modes of play.

Both versions do have some unique features. The Wii version will have a "MIXJOY" mode for sharing data and modes with the original Samurai Warriors. Famitsu also said that it would include the "Nazo no Mura Samejou" mode from the original. This mode is based off an old Nintendo title, so it won't be included in the PS3 version (Famitsu also explicitly stated this).

The PS3 version will have HD visuals and will also up the framerate to 60. The original Wii version ran at 30, so it's presumable (although the site doesn't mention this, of course) that Xtreme Legends on Wii will also run at 30.

From 3Z.
From 3Z.

Access the 3Z official site here and the Xtreme Legends official site here.

For details on the two games, see this story.

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