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Square Enix Rushing to Fix Final Fantasy XIV

PC version ships 630,000 units. PS3 version still on track for March.


During an investors briefing earlier today, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada admitted that Final Fantasy XIV has been having a hard time out the gate and said, "We're quickly working on reforms. W'd like to put our full power into regaining trust." (Via Mainichi.)

Regardless of the problems, the game seems to be off to a good start in terms of sales/shipments. Wada mentioned shipments of 630,000 units, split 190,000 for Japan, 210,000 for North America and 230,000 for Europe.

The PlayStation 3 version is still on track for March, Square Enix also confirmed.

Wada said some of the problems were due to expectations for FFXIV being high and the end result showing a gap.

Said Wada, "If we satisfy our users, they will return. On the other hand, once the users say, 'forget this,' there's no turning back. We can only recover our trust so far."

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