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Silpheed Alternative Detailed

GungHo shares its plans for 3D and Android mobile gaming.


Softbank shared details earlier today on the lineup of 3D Android titles coming from major game publishers (see this story). GungHo has since followed up with an announcement of its own, giving us a closer look at Silpheed Alternative.

Fully "Silpheed Alternative Menace from Beyond the Stars," this is said to be a new entry in the classic Gamearts 3D shooting franchise. In the far future, mankind has advanced into outerspace. A mysterious enemy begins their attack from the edge of the galaxy and makes their move towards the Solar System.

Silpheed is one of two GungHo Android games to support 3D output. The other is Reikai Denwa, a "horror action game" that begins when you receive an e-mail which, although appearing to be spam, is actually an invitation to the world of ghosts. This game has not just 3D visuals, but 3D voice as well.

These two titles will be preinstalled on Galapagos SoftBank 003SH and 005SH sets. The former hits some time in December.

Although not compatible with 3D output, GungHo also announced Ragnarok Online Mobile Story and FilMeee for Android. Ragnarok is, according to GungHo, Android's first true RPG. It will, expectedly, be free to play. FilMeee is a Twitter-based communication app.

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