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Capcom Arcade Hits iPhone

Free portal app accompanied by Street Fighter II and other classics.


Capcom released its retro arcade game app Capcom Arcade for iPhone/iPod touch today (11/4). The app is free to download.

Arriving simultaneous were arcade classics Street Fighter II, Ghouls'n Ghosts, 1942 and Commando. One new title is scheduled to be added every month.

While the app is free, the games incur charge. To play, you'll need to insert "coins." These will be available for purchase at ¥115 for 10 coins. You can also pay ¥230 to purchase the full game, eliminating any play restrictions.

The app will give players some free play opportunities. Every day, you'll be given three Free Tickets. These can be used on the game of your choice.

While the included arcade games are basically the arcade originals, Capcom has implemented a few modern features. Each game has a set of achievements, which you can clear to unlock artwork, posters and other bonuses. Capcom will also be selling "helper items" which can do such things as add a difficulty setting. Those who are having trouble with classic arcade difficulty may want to look into these items.

Visit the official site for a closer look.

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