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NieR Director Quits Cavia/AQi

Taro Yoko wants to expand breadth of work.

Yoko's latest work, NieR.

Square Enix listed NieR as a "new brand" in its earnings report today. While this may suggest possible sequels, one of the primary forces behind the original may end up not being involved.

NieR and Drakengard director Taro Yoko announced today via his blog that he will be leaving AQ Interactive (which recently swallowed up subsidiary Cavia).

Yoko provided a FAQ about his departure:

  • He's leaving because he wants to expand the breadth of his work
  • The actual date of his departure is currently TBA
  • The reason he's giving advance notice is because he doesn't like keeping secrets
  • He has no ill will to his current company, saying that everyone there is good and that he's thankful to them.
  • If there's work, he'll make games. If there's no work, he won't make games.

Yoko promised additional details in a future update.

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