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Falcom's Tease Was For Budget Titles and a Calendar

Complete your Falcom collection through low priced re-releases.


Remember when someone (who shall go nameless!) Twitter teased upcoming news for Bayonetta and it turned out to be a budget rerelease? Well, it's happened again, only on a larger scale.

Falcom is the culprit this time. Earlier this week, the publisher teased some sort of announcement for Thursday. It looks like this is what the Tweet was referring to:

In commemoration of Sora no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki having topped the million shipment/sales mark, Falcom will be holding the "Falcom Winter Fair." From Decemebr 16 through January 31, buy one of Falcom's PSP games and you'll get a special calendar full of new illustrations.

Falcom will be making it easier to pick up all the classics. On December 16, Brandish, Vantage Master, Zwei!! and the Sora no Kiseki games will be released in budget form.

In case you don't get the point of the campaign, view this two minute promotional video that Falcom released today. The music in the background is Zero no Kiseki's "Inevitable Struggle" by jdk Band.

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