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Chunsoft Zombie Game Dated

Love those zombies in late January.


Chunsoft announced today a final release date of January 20 for Love Zombie, its zombie themed real time simulation game. The DS title will be priced ¥5,040.

As detailed last month, Love Zombie puts players in control of ranch workers who've been turned into zombies. You'll need to lead the zombie farmers in attacks on the town while also maintaining your farm.

See this story for basic details about the game. For story and multiplayer details, see this story.

Love Zombie has full stylus controls for managing your zombies.
Multiple players can take part in boss fights and a futsal mini game.

Joining the date announcement, Chunsoft gave the game's official site a full opening. Currently, the site has a section detailing the story. Sections for character, game system and "special" are coming soon.

Love Zombie is also on Twitter. It looks like the Twitter feed is going to be done from the perspective of the zombies, so if you're proficient in katakana, take a look.

Love Zombie will be Chunsoft's second self published title since its recent return to self publishing. The first is Shiren the Wanderer 5, also a DS title.

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