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Shenmue City -- First Gameplay Details

A few of the things you can do in Yu Suzuki's social Shenmue.


The Shenmue City official site saw a tiny update today, providing us with specifics on some of the things you can do in the new social Shenmue game.

All the content is on the What's Shenmue City page, shown here:

The page says you can do the following in Shenmue City:

Help Shenmue main character Ryo by searching Yokosuka. As you clear events, you'll work through a story featuring over 200 characters.
The "Gachacon" prize machines from Shenmue are in here. You'll find over 100 items.
Support Ryo by strengthening your dojo. You can have your dojo challenge dojos from other players.

It's still not clear what exactly you'll be dong in Shenmue City in terms of exploration and the "dojo" area. We'll have to wait for further details.

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